Friday, June 24, 2011


Ascension (Dark Breed, #1)Ascension by Sable Grace

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ascension is a great story from new author(s) and I look forward to continuing the series.

The story is about the world as we know it coming undone and how the Order of the Ancients with help from witches, gods, demigods and various others try to stop the decline.

Kyana is a half breed, part Vampyre and part Lychen and is a tracker in the Order of the Ancients – she is able to trace most anything that others cannot. Ryker is a demigod with a father who is a god and a mother who was human.

Kyana is asked to find out how demons are getting out of hell and she gets paired up with Ryker who is an old “friend” whom she just as well not see again. They have a history that she is not too proud of. Ten years ago she tried to seduce him and he refused her. She is more than a little embarrassed and does not want to revisit the past. Ryker has his own problem past and was not interested in one night with Kyana – he was looking for something more meaningful but believed she was thinking with her Vampyre self and he was in-tuned with her Lychen self.

They go looking for a key that Chronos (evil god) has used to unlock the gates of hell and even though they are unsure of where to look or who has it they employ the help of several characters. The action is non-stop and fun to read, there is humor and grief as an important person to Kyana is changed and disappears. Kyana and Ryker get closer as they tear down the walls that were built between them as well as finding out who is destroying the earth and killing The Chosen.

Ascension is a great book with lots of action and definitely leaves you wanting more.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texas Tangle

Texas Tangle (Tangled)Texas Tangle by Leah Braemel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a great book.

Another great "new to me" author that will be added to my list!

Texas Tangle is a wonderful romance full of love and lots of heat. This is a story of Nikki who is a down on her luck horse boarder and trainer. She has a cheating ex-husband who took her for most of her money and a lowlife for a brother.

Nikki's truck breaks down while she is returning from a trip to purchase a horse. As she is sitting by the road wondering what to do, her very nice looking single neighbor stops to help. Dillon drives her to her house with the hope of finally showing her how he really feels when they discover Nikki has been robbed of everything she owns. Brett, the local cop helps to investigate and they make the discovery that Nikki's brother is the thief.

Brett, Nikki and Dillon all grew up together and even have a little history as Brett kissed her at a high school party one year. As the investigation continues Brett and Dillon decide it is safer for Nikki to stay at Dillon's place until they find her brother. This gives the relationship between Nikki and Dillon time to sizzle. As they get closer, Nikki realizes that Brett also has some deep feelings for her and she is not immune to them. Not sure how to act Dillon suggests trying something out to see how it works. After one hot wonderful night together they are happy but confused until they go to dinner with Dillon's family and grandma tells a wonderful love story from the past.

This is a wonderful story of love, romance and sizzling scenes. Loved it and can't wait to hear great-grandma's tale in Tangled Past.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yours To Keep

Yours To Keep (Kowalski Family, #3)Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yours To Keep is a wonderful book full of fun and romance.

More of the Kowalski’s are a good thing.

This is Sean’s story. He is coming home after 12 years in the Army with several years overseas and is at a loss of what to do with his life. He decides to forgo going to the family home in Maine where his brother runs a lodge and comes to stay with his cousins in New Hampshire. His cousin Kevin is letting Sean stay in the apartment above the bar he owns for as long as he wants. The only thing that Sean is sure of is that he is glad to be out of the army and he does not want to go to his brothers.

As soon as Kevin shows him to the apartment there is a knock on the door and a tall very nice looking woman is standing there. Sean definitely knows that she is not a relative. She immediately introduces herself as Emma – his fake fiancĂ©e. He just stands there not sure what to do. She explains that she is a friend of his cousin’s wife Lisa and his name popped out while talking to her grandmother about her boyfriend. That is all well and good – except that gram (Cat) is coming for a month long visit and Emma is at a loss about what to do. Sean is not sure why any of this is his problem but Emma convinces him to help her continue the charade. Emma owns a landscaping company and she has agreed to let him have a job for the month.

The fun begins when he moves in and has to tell his family about this turn in his life. As you can expect the Kowalski's do not let this go. As expected most tease him, however several are not happy – Aunt Mary being one of them as she does not want them to lie to the grandmother.

As Cat gets to town she immediately knows that something is not right and soon finds out that things are not what they seem and turns the tables on them trying to get Emma to fess up about the relationship.

Cat finds out that Emma is going to this extreme because she knows her gram is happy in Florida and does not want her to move home just because of Emma. Emma also wants Cat to sell her the family home. In the meantime Cat starts hanging out with Russell who is selling his business and about to retire.

All in all this is a fun romance filled with family and humor. Love the Kowalski family and hope to see more of them soon.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goddess With A Blade

Goddess With A BladeGoddess With A Blade by Lauren Dane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goddess With A Blade is a great book that has magic, Irish lore, vampires and many “other” factors that make it a wonderful read that I hope turns into a series.

This story is about Rowan Summerwaite who is not only a physical vessel to a goddess (Brigid) but also a world class Hunter of rogue vampires. She was raised by The First (Theo) who is "The" head Vampire in charge as well as her foster father. She was also shown the ways of the goddess' while she was growing up as it was her parents wish and The First realized who and what she was so he gave her all the tools to be the best. Since she was trained by both, Rowan takes her positions very seriously. She is a strong woman with strong convictions who I enjoyed reading about.

Rowan has recently returned to Las Vegas where she is the resident Hunter working for the Hunter’s Corp. She had to kill the previous scion because he turned rogue and now the current Vampire Nation does not trust or like her. She meets the new scion Clive and they immediately set off sparks of all kinds – both good and bad.

Rowan is investigating new murders in Las Vegas where it looks like another vampire has gone rogue and trying to get Clive to believe and help her has become a trial.

Rowan works closely with the police department and one of her best friends a detective named Jack who does not know anything about “others". He does not know what to make of these latest murders where it looks like animals viciously attacked these women.

With the help of her friends, David and Carey – devoted employees, Thena her best gal friend, the scribe cab driver who “sees’ things and several others, she tries to find who and what is killing women in which the common denominator is the use of meth.

Clive and Rowan have a volatile relationship and even though they struggle to trust each other the physical chemistry is electric and they have trouble keeping away from each other.

Rowan gains new powers during an annual “birthday” ceremony and The First comes to visit as the trouble comes to a head. Rowan and Clive begin to figure out who may be behind the murders when they find out that a barrier has been broken and vampires can get a drug high from drinking the blood of doped up humans.

Rowan gets kidnapped by an employee (Cindy) who is working for the rogue vamp and it seems everyone comes to her rescue – even though she protests that she can take care of it herself.

I like the relationship between Rowan and Clive, although they fight it is real and they respect each other. I also like what happens between Rowan and The First. A great urban fantasy that has strong intelligent characters that kick ass!! Let’s hope there is more to come.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing (Lucky Harbor, #2)The Sweetest Thing by Jill Shalvis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Sweetest Thing is the second book in the Lucky Harbor series.

This is a wonderful love story and such a fun small town romance.

This is Tara's story. She and her sisters are renovating the local inn to create a B&B and they find themselves falling for the locals.

Tara moved here to help her sisters and has decided to stay for awhile in Lucky Harbor since she is divorced and not sure what she wants to do with her life. The one thing she does want is to find "her". She does not want to be the same person as the wife of a famous race car driver or the young scared teenager she was when she first came Lucky Harbor. And problems arise because local "hunk" Ford still lives in town and her ex-husband comes to find her.

Ford and Tara were once teenage lovers and although they ran from the relationship they did create a child together and although they have a lot of hurt to get through before they can begin to heal the chemistry between them is not to be dismissed.

The town folk of Lucky Harbor make this such a fun read as they bring in social networking to help the couple along.

Great book and I am looking forward to reading the next book about Chloe!

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Tracker's Sin

Tracker's Sin (Hell's Eight, #4)Tracker's Sin by Sarah McCarty

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tracker's Sin is the 4th book and they get better with each story. I love revisiting the "brothers" and their families each time.

This is such an emotional book that I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to see what happens.

Tracker's Sin is the story of Tracker as he finds Ari, Desi's sister who has been missing for over a year. When he finds her she is living with an older couple and her 6 month old son. The couple portray themselves as Ari's in-laws and since Ari has no memory of life before meeting them she has no reason not to believe them. She has lived a nightmare and has emotional scars that have not healed.

As the truth comes out about the past year she and Tracker steel away in the night and head for Hell's Eight and help. The one man who caused both Desi's and Ari's hell is still after them for their money.

Ari begins to heal with Tracker's help on the journey to Hell's Eight however it all comes to a head when she sees Desi. She is flooded with memories and is overcome with emotion of which she has trouble dealing with. The healing continues at Hell's Eight while the "brothers" decide what to do about the man who continues to cause problems for the sisters.

Tracker's Sin is an emotional ride of love and sizzling passion. Loved it and am looking forward to more of Hell's Eight.

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Trey (Red Hot & Blue, #1)Trey by Cat Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trey is book 1 in the Red Hot and Blue series. And what a fun sexy book. I am looking forward to Jack's story - which is book 2.

We meet Trey with his buddy Jack just enjoying the single life as they go on dangerous military assignments. They are part of the Black Ops team and are sent all over the world into dangerous situations. They meet up after work at a local bar near the base where they have a casual relationship with the bartender, Carly.

Carly is the actual owner of the bar and is ex-military herself. Carly stays away from most in the military and does not want to date them and when Jack (Trey's friend) keeps trying to hit on her she backs away. Both Carly and Trey find themselves attracted to each other however do not act for several reasons, one being Jack.

When Jack's brother goes missing while on a military assignment Trey is asked to help go undercover as a married man to help find him. Carly is asked to go along since time is short and she looks similar to the wife.

The mission is dangerous in more ways than one as Trey and Carly find the chemistry between them sizzling.

A great romance with action and some thrills. Loved it.

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