Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Little Harmless Submission

A Little Harmless SubmissionA Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Little Harmless Submission is book six of the ALH series and is as great as all the others
Maria Callahan is an FBI agent who looks like she has everything going for her, at least that is what she projects to the outside world. She is trying to prove to all that she can live up to her famous father, a man who raised her as they traipsed all over the country solving various crimes for the FBI. Maria has been called to Hawaii to help solve a murder mystery since she has been investigating other similar murders they believe "The Dom" is responsible for - a serial killer who targets BDSM clubs and women that frequent them.
Rome Carino is cop working in Hawaii who belongs to the most popular BDSM club on the island and who just happens to be a Dom himself. When Maria and Rome meet there is instant chemistry however each are not sure if this is a good thing or not, Maria is just here for the case and Rome only wants someone who lives "the lifestyle".
As they discuss ways to investigate, Maria comes up with a plan to bait the killer by posing as a couple at the Rough n’ Ready BDSM club. Everyone believes this may work however Rome becomes uncharacteristically furious at the plan as his protective side comes out with Maria and he does not want her hurt. The mystery keeps you going until the end along with the blossoming relationship that both Rome and Maria fight. They clearly enjoy each and secretly do not want this to end although they will not admit it, even to themselves.
The story gets hot and steamy as they take their relationship to the next level. Although they are pretending to live the lifestyle at the club, it has crossed over into their personal life and Maria decides that maybe she likes this lifestyle after all.
As with the others books we get to visit many of the regulars at the Rough n’ Ready club, the owners and their soon to be wives that we met in previous books. I love seeing how their stories are evolving.
A Little Harmless Submission is a great story with characters that are both strong and intelligent and grow together as they face the dangers associated with their jobs.

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