Friday, June 24, 2011


Ascension (Dark Breed, #1)Ascension by Sable Grace

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ascension is a great story from new author(s) and I look forward to continuing the series.

The story is about the world as we know it coming undone and how the Order of the Ancients with help from witches, gods, demigods and various others try to stop the decline.

Kyana is a half breed, part Vampyre and part Lychen and is a tracker in the Order of the Ancients – she is able to trace most anything that others cannot. Ryker is a demigod with a father who is a god and a mother who was human.

Kyana is asked to find out how demons are getting out of hell and she gets paired up with Ryker who is an old “friend” whom she just as well not see again. They have a history that she is not too proud of. Ten years ago she tried to seduce him and he refused her. She is more than a little embarrassed and does not want to revisit the past. Ryker has his own problem past and was not interested in one night with Kyana – he was looking for something more meaningful but believed she was thinking with her Vampyre self and he was in-tuned with her Lychen self.

They go looking for a key that Chronos (evil god) has used to unlock the gates of hell and even though they are unsure of where to look or who has it they employ the help of several characters. The action is non-stop and fun to read, there is humor and grief as an important person to Kyana is changed and disappears. Kyana and Ryker get closer as they tear down the walls that were built between them as well as finding out who is destroying the earth and killing The Chosen.

Ascension is a great book with lots of action and definitely leaves you wanting more.

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