Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goddess With A Blade

Goddess With A BladeGoddess With A Blade by Lauren Dane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goddess With A Blade is a great book that has magic, Irish lore, vampires and many “other” factors that make it a wonderful read that I hope turns into a series.

This story is about Rowan Summerwaite who is not only a physical vessel to a goddess (Brigid) but also a world class Hunter of rogue vampires. She was raised by The First (Theo) who is "The" head Vampire in charge as well as her foster father. She was also shown the ways of the goddess' while she was growing up as it was her parents wish and The First realized who and what she was so he gave her all the tools to be the best. Since she was trained by both, Rowan takes her positions very seriously. She is a strong woman with strong convictions who I enjoyed reading about.

Rowan has recently returned to Las Vegas where she is the resident Hunter working for the Hunter’s Corp. She had to kill the previous scion because he turned rogue and now the current Vampire Nation does not trust or like her. She meets the new scion Clive and they immediately set off sparks of all kinds – both good and bad.

Rowan is investigating new murders in Las Vegas where it looks like another vampire has gone rogue and trying to get Clive to believe and help her has become a trial.

Rowan works closely with the police department and one of her best friends a detective named Jack who does not know anything about “others". He does not know what to make of these latest murders where it looks like animals viciously attacked these women.

With the help of her friends, David and Carey – devoted employees, Thena her best gal friend, the scribe cab driver who “sees’ things and several others, she tries to find who and what is killing women in which the common denominator is the use of meth.

Clive and Rowan have a volatile relationship and even though they struggle to trust each other the physical chemistry is electric and they have trouble keeping away from each other.

Rowan gains new powers during an annual “birthday” ceremony and The First comes to visit as the trouble comes to a head. Rowan and Clive begin to figure out who may be behind the murders when they find out that a barrier has been broken and vampires can get a drug high from drinking the blood of doped up humans.

Rowan gets kidnapped by an employee (Cindy) who is working for the rogue vamp and it seems everyone comes to her rescue – even though she protests that she can take care of it herself.

I like the relationship between Rowan and Clive, although they fight it is real and they respect each other. I also like what happens between Rowan and The First. A great urban fantasy that has strong intelligent characters that kick ass!! Let’s hope there is more to come.

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