Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hi All

Just starting out on this blog adventure...hope you are patient with me as I navigate through the learning curve of blogging.  A little about me, I am an avid reader and love many different genres.  I started out in my pre-teen years reading about horses and girls who loved them, then in my teens found romances and shocked my mom when she found out the type of romances I was reading...there were no ratings on these like they have in movies - lol.  Branched out to mystery, murder, and detective books in my 20s and 30s while busy with family but always tried to find series because I loved getting to know the characters over several years.

Now that my son has moved out I have found I have much more time to read and have continued my love for books in a series but have added paranormal, urban fantasy and romance (back in my life) and have loved them all.  I will be using this blog as a review site for the many series I am keeping track of and about things going on in my life.  I am following about 50 writers on Twitter and will add more as I find them.  Besides reading I also enjoy my life with my husband of 25 years and we enjoy golfing, snow skiing and boating.

Until next time...