Friday, June 3, 2011


Trey (Red Hot & Blue, #1)Trey by Cat Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trey is book 1 in the Red Hot and Blue series. And what a fun sexy book. I am looking forward to Jack's story - which is book 2.

We meet Trey with his buddy Jack just enjoying the single life as they go on dangerous military assignments. They are part of the Black Ops team and are sent all over the world into dangerous situations. They meet up after work at a local bar near the base where they have a casual relationship with the bartender, Carly.

Carly is the actual owner of the bar and is ex-military herself. Carly stays away from most in the military and does not want to date them and when Jack (Trey's friend) keeps trying to hit on her she backs away. Both Carly and Trey find themselves attracted to each other however do not act for several reasons, one being Jack.

When Jack's brother goes missing while on a military assignment Trey is asked to help go undercover as a married man to help find him. Carly is asked to go along since time is short and she looks similar to the wife.

The mission is dangerous in more ways than one as Trey and Carly find the chemistry between them sizzling.

A great romance with action and some thrills. Loved it.

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