Monday, August 22, 2011

A Little Harmless Sex

A Little Harmless Sex (Harmless, #1)A Little Harmless Sex by Melissa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Little Harmless Sex is the first book in a HOT series of which I am looking forward to reading more.

Anna and Max are best friends that have known each other most of their lives. Although there is chemistry between them and they shared a kiss several years ago neither has explored the possibilities of what could be.

They find themselves single at the same time and during a tequila saturated evening they “go there”. Max knows this is right and wants to keep the relationship going on this path however Anna is scared and does not want to take it any further than a little harmless sex.

A wonderful start to a fun series with the hotness at a high point. YEAH!

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Dark Awakening

Dark Awakening (Dark Dynasties #1)Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first in a new series called Dark Dynasties by Kendra Leigh Castle. I enjoyed this book immensely. The world and character building were wonderful and I am looking forward to more in this series.

Lily Quinn is a woman that has always felt alone and different in the world, her parents died when she was a young child and she was adopted by a couple who barely acknowledge her existence especially after one terrible incident when Lily was five. Tynan MacGillivray is a Cait Sith one of the five Dark Dynasties which is considered a lowblood, he is working for the Ptolemy as a hunter. The Ptolemy are considered one of the highbloods of the dynasties.

Tynan’s job is to find a Seer to help the Ptolemy fight an evil that is trying to destroy them and cause a war between the dynasties. When Tynan first meets Lily he believes she is a Seer and convinces her to go with him to meet Queen Arsinoe. Tynan starts to question who Lily really is when he finds she also possesses a strange mark that is similar in placement to all those belonging to the dynasties however it is not one Tynan has seen before. They are soon on the run away from several dangers and in pursuit of answers as the world Lily knows disappears.

As they meet up with those that may be loyal to the Cait Sith, Tynan starts to have second thoughts about where his loyalties lie, he meets with a fellow Cait Sith who is on the run (Jaden) and together with Lily they search for answers before war comes and the mystery of the “Mother” dysnasty is revealed.

I loved the characters in this book, Tynan, although a capable hunter, felt beaten down by years of letting others tell him what he was worth and Lily is a strong woman even when she felt unwanted. With their feelings for each other growing they begin to believe in a better life and when it is revealed who and what Lily is the future begins to look brighter. Of course things are just beginning to be discovered in this world and I can’t wait as Jaden’s book is next.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Storm's Heart

Storm's Heart (Elder Races, #2)Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great addition to the series.

Storm's Heart picks up where Dragon Bound left off. With Tricks, the head of PR for Dragos’ company coming to terms with becoming the Dark Fae Queen. After her uncle is killed by Dragos, Tricks comes out of hiding after many years with the Wyr and begins the journey to ascend the throne.

While being escorted by her cousins back to her land to take her place as Queen, Tricks (her real Niniane), has an attempt on her life by those same cousins. The event has been recorded on a cell phone which shows her killing the men as she defends herself. The recorded struggle is broadcast all over the world as Niniane holds up in a motel pondering what to do next and who to trust since it seems her own family is trying to kill her.

Dragos calls an emergency meeting to show the recorded clip to his staff and Tiago who is quietly standing in the corner as usual, immediately heads out the door to track her down to make sure she is safe. Tiago has been around for eons and in his Wyr form as a ThunderBird is a great hunter and he takes off to find Niniane.

He finds her hold up and discovers she is more determined than ever to take her place as the Queen and Tiago has to find a way to keep her safe. On their journey toward the “other” land they fight off another attempt on Niniane’s life and struggle with how to gain acceptance with her people as the rightful Queen.

Tiago and Niniane grow closer while trying to find who wants to keep her from being Queen. I love the chemistry between and the way they show how they feel about each other. Along their journey current friends and new friends help toward their goal.

Wonderful book and I am looking forward to the next one to catch up familiar characters and meet new ones.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kissing Comfort

Kissing ComfortKissing Comfort by Jo Goodman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A wonderful romance that is sweet and sensual. I received this as an ARC through Goodreads.

We meet Comfort Kennedy as a small child being rescued by her peculiar “uncles” Tuck and Newt. They find her while coming across the murdered bodies of several people that looked to be traveling west in wagons. She does not know or does not tell anything about herself and is clutching a tin of throat lozenges called Dr Eli Kennedy’s Comfort Lozenges so they name her Comfort.

She thrives under Newt and Tuck’s care and in turn they thrive with her. They believe their success is because of Comfort as they have built up quite a respectable banking business in San Francisco. Comfort is one of few women who work in this era and has quite a head for numbers and is an asset to both uncles at the bank.

Comfort’s best friend is Bram DeLong, a young man from a wealthy family who surprises Comfort by announcing their engagement at a party for Bram’s brother Bode. Comfort has always believed she was in love with Bram but knows he will never settle down with her. She lets him know how unhappy she is about the engagement but goes along with the promise that they will end it in 8 weeks. Comfort finds herself leaning on Bram’s brother Bode more and more as they find themselves struggling to figure out who is trying to harm them. First there is an attack on Bode and then one on Comfort which leaves her about to be sold to the highest bidder when Bode and his employees rescue her. Come to find out that Bram has got himself into trouble and is using any means to fix his problems even putting his fiancĂ© and brother in harm’s way.

Comfort is still haunted by her past and I enjoyed how Comfort and Bode interact together, they are truthful with each other and you feel the chemistry as they struggle to find who is responsible for the attacks.

A great story with characters that are both strong and intelligent and grow together as they face down the obstacles in their way.

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