Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texas Tangle

Texas Tangle (Tangled)Texas Tangle by Leah Braemel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a great book.

Another great "new to me" author that will be added to my list!

Texas Tangle is a wonderful romance full of love and lots of heat. This is a story of Nikki who is a down on her luck horse boarder and trainer. She has a cheating ex-husband who took her for most of her money and a lowlife for a brother.

Nikki's truck breaks down while she is returning from a trip to purchase a horse. As she is sitting by the road wondering what to do, her very nice looking single neighbor stops to help. Dillon drives her to her house with the hope of finally showing her how he really feels when they discover Nikki has been robbed of everything she owns. Brett, the local cop helps to investigate and they make the discovery that Nikki's brother is the thief.

Brett, Nikki and Dillon all grew up together and even have a little history as Brett kissed her at a high school party one year. As the investigation continues Brett and Dillon decide it is safer for Nikki to stay at Dillon's place until they find her brother. This gives the relationship between Nikki and Dillon time to sizzle. As they get closer, Nikki realizes that Brett also has some deep feelings for her and she is not immune to them. Not sure how to act Dillon suggests trying something out to see how it works. After one hot wonderful night together they are happy but confused until they go to dinner with Dillon's family and grandma tells a wonderful love story from the past.

This is a wonderful story of love, romance and sizzling scenes. Loved it and can't wait to hear great-grandma's tale in Tangled Past.

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