Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tucker's CrossingTucker's Crossing by Marina Adair
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A wonderful story about love and forgiveness within a family.

Shelby Lynn Harris moved to Sweet Plains, a small town an hour from Austin, three years ago, after leaving her husband (Preston Van Warren) and landing on Silas Tucker’s porch. Shelby was desperate for a safe place, a place where she could regroup and since Silas was her son’s grandfather, she was hoping he would help. Silas was more than willing to help as he was sick and needed care; he gave her a job as a nurse and a place to stay.

Cody Tucker is Silas’ son and the father of Shelby Lynn’s son, Jake. He left town years ago and promised he would never return because of his father. He did not even go to his father’s funeral however after the reading of the will, he knew he had to come home as he did not want his brothers (Noah and Beau) having to come anywhere near the ranch. The will stated that someone would have to live at the ranch, and he decided he could work there while running Tucker Industries, his business in Austin.

Cody is surprised and confused to find Shelby Lynn when he walks into the house. He could not believe she was living and helping the father he hated. They had a relationship ten years ago and after they shared a night of passion the relationship disintegrated when misunderstandings and supposed friends interfered, leaving heartache behind. Shelby Lynn ended up marrying Cody’s best friend Preston and lived a miserable life until moving to Sweet Plains.

Cody is even more surprised when Shelby’s young son comes into the house; he knows right away that Jake is his since they look so much alike. He is hurt and angry with Shelby for keeping Jake from him for so many years so the beginning of a reunion starts out rocky. As Cody, Shelby Lynn and Jake try to sort out their relationship, strange things are happening on the ranch, things that are making the ranch be unprofitable.

As the story unfolds, we find out the reasons Cody hated his father and why Shelby Lynn and Jake have such a different relationship with Silas. Cody has to come to grips with the fact that his father was flawed and was truly sorry when he died. Shelby Lynn also has a past that she must deal with, and when the past threatens Jake, she protects him with everything she can and is touched when she finds that she does not have to fight alone, as Cody is there to help. I loved the small town setting; the characters are funny and quirky and made me laugh out loud. Those ladies and their competition over food are truly hilarious. A great debut and I am looking forward to reading more stories.

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