Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fear the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #9)Fear the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
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The Guardians of Eternity are trying to stop the apocalypse and with the help of Cassandra, a prophet whose sisters are mated with other Guardians and Caine, a full blooded were who is protecting Cassie and has been a pain to the Guardians in the past, they hope that they can prevent the Lord of Darkness from coming through the veil where it is being held prisoner.

The Dark Lord had been banished beyond the veil and kept there by The Phoenix (Abby) for several years, however over the past few months The Dark Lord has been trying to come through and allowing other dark creatures through as well. She created twin babies to use as a vessel for her return and has succeeded in capturing the girl child and currently looks like a young cheerleader.

As Cassie and Caine are on the run, they feel they can be more helpful on their own then with the other Guardians, as they feel the Guardians would just hamper their progress, however even as they try their best to stop The Dark Lord from finding the boy child, he is taken and reunited with his twin to become the Gemini that helps The Dark Lord become powerful enough to come through the veil.

The Guardians along with The Phoenix stand against The Dark Lord at the rift to fight to the death to prevent her from coming through. Cassie has another vision in the middle of the chaos showing that in order to win the battle they must tip the balance in their favor. She believes she knows just the person to help in that matter and sends a message to Levet, the small gargoyle who has little magic but can see through all illusions.

This is a great book that the action does not stop from start to finish. I enjoy this series and this book is a wonderful addition to the overall story arc. I have enjoyed watching Caine through several books and was very curious about Cassandra. They are a perfect match for each other and the attraction is very believable. The characters that come back in each book are a joy to see again and I am looking forward to more.

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