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Moonglow (Darkest London, #2)Moonglow by Kristen Callihan
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London 1883
Daisy Margaret Ellis (Craigmore) had been in morning for 366 days and she is done. She believes she has wasted plenty of time on a husband that she hated. She is ready to wear colors and do something infamous and mysterious, so she sets her sights on a man she does not know, but who will hopefully fulfill her needs. Unsure if she can go through with her plan she is surprised when the man is killed in front of her by a creature that looks surprisingly like a wolf. She is rescued by Ian Ranulf, who is the Marquis of Northrup, but not before she is injured by the creature.

Ian Ranulf was at one time, attracted to Daisy's sister Miranda and tried to turn her against Archer before they were married. Ian and Archer were good friends at one time until Ian's father died and blame was laid on Archer who had brought Ian's father into a secret society called the West Moon Club. The club was obsessed with immortality and when Ian's father wanted to leave the group a demon named Victoria tried to burn him alive and scarred him badly, making him weak and unable to lead his clan. Ian comes from a family of werewolves or Lycan and should have lead his clan however he had left the clan years before when his wife and son died. Ian let his younger brother Conell take over, however many in the supernatural world are unhappy with Ian's decision.

Daisy is what is considered a "nose", a person with exceptional smelling abilities and knowing her husband would never provide for her after his death, started working with a perfumer to make a future for herself. She developed a signature perfume however someone took the recipe and sold it to other men to purchase for their ladies. This seems to be the connecting piece between the women who are being targeted by the crazed beast around London. Ian notices that the beast (who he knows is a werewolf) has the smell of sickness about him and that could be why he has let the wolf side take over his body.

The Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals (SOS) has a duty to be kept informed of all supernatural beings and their activities. The SOS, along with most supernaturals want Ian in control of his clan, he is the true alpha and they do not believe his brother Conall is a good choice and his right hand man Lyle has made some suspicious choices.

As Ian and Daisy investigate the murders, they seek help from others in the SOS and visit a man named Lucien who is a GIM, ghost in the machine, an individual that has chosen to live forever after taking over another body. GIM's are the spies of the supernatural world. Ian ends up employing a GIM to spy on Conell to find out if he is hiding the werewolf in order to frame Ian.
The story is steady and fast paced with wonderful suspense as it comes to a roller coaster ending when they try to find who is behind the attacks, who is hiding the sick werewolf and why the werewolf is attacking these women. The conclusion is surprising and fascinating as they search for answers. As Ian and Daisy fall in love they must find the courage to fight one more conflict to find true happiness.

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