Monday, August 13, 2012

Carolina Home (Dare Island, #1)Carolina Home by Virginia Kantra
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heartwarming story about family and love

Family is the central theme of this wonderful story. Matt Fletcher’s family has lived on Dare Island for several generations raising families and living off the land. He is busy running his own fishing business and raising his teenage son, Joshua, with a little help from his parents who run an Inn on the island. Allison Carter is the new teacher on the island and just happens to have Matt’s son in her class. She likes to meet all the parents of her students; especially those students that she feels need a little extra attention. It is not that Joshua is a bad kid; just that she feels he can do so much more than what she has seen so far.

Despite what others think, Allison believes she has finally found a place to put down roots. She escaped her overbearing parents who have more money than sense and has lived in several different places until she found this place. Since she has been here she has loved the fact that she feels like she belongs here.

Causing more family drama, Matt’s brother, Luke, comes home from Afghanistan with his daughter in tow, a daughter (Taylor) who is now 10 that no one knew about until her mother recently died. Luke gets her settled with his family and leaves again for Afghanistan leaving a frightened young girl who is unsure of the Fletcher family and who is quieter than she should be as she is holding on to some difficult secrets.

A wonderful family drama surrounds the romance between Matt and Allison as Matt meets Allison’s family and Allison gets to know Matt’s family. Matt’s hesitancy becomes apparent as they struggle to form a relationship as he does not believe Allison is here to stay. Matt has always felt responsible, not only of his parents and his son Joshua but now he has the addition of a niece his brother left behind. The family all comes together when Matt’s mom Tess is in an accident, strengthening the bond they have and making room for Allison and Taylor in their tight knit family.

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