Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cold ComfortCold Comfort by Ellis Vidler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clair Spencer has a quiet life living in the home her mother left her and runs a Christmas shop in Williamsburg, Virginia that she owns. Her calm existence comes to an end when she arrives home one night after closing the shop and is attacked in her driveway. Thanks to the neighbor’s dog that alerts those nearby, she is rescued but the attack leaves her with several injuries and many questions. After telling her assistant, Mary about the attack she is referred to Ben Riley by Mary’s brother Ray. Riley works in security and can be available to hire for the right amount of money and motivation.

At first Riley does not want the job, as he is still reeling from a job where a small child was killed. Even though he could not have prevented the outcome, he still feels horrible and does not want to get involved. However, he is curious about her and goes to visit the Christmas shop to see Clair and assess the situation. While he is there Clair is attacked again and as he saves her, he reluctantly agrees to take the job.

As Clair and Riley try to piece together why someone would try to kill her they make some startling discoveries and Clair realizes she has grown up with secrets and lies all her life. Together with the help from Riley’s group of friends who all seem to have a specialty, they try to find out who she is.

The plot progresses at a fast pace and we are hurtled toward an ending that has many twists and turns to keeps you guessing. Clair and Riley find danger as they discover the secrets to Clair’s past. Riley and Clair take comfort in each other during the most trying times however they fight the attraction as they both know that Riley is not the type of guy that is looking for a long term relationship. The ending is satisfying and I enjoyed this book immensely as Clair finds out who she really is and Riley starts looking at a future that could involved Clair.

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