Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At Last (Lucky Harbor, #5)At Last by Jill Shalvis
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At Last is the fifth book in the Lucky Harbor series, a wonderful series that takes place in a small Pacific Northwest town, full of fun characters that laugh and love. Amy Michaels has lived in Lucky Harbor for a short time trying to find her own version of hope, peace and heart. Her grandmother came to these Pacific coastal mountains more than five decades ago finding her own version and Amy is going on the same journey. As a teenager, Amy was dropped off at her mother’s house after her grandmother died, a mother that was too young when she had Amy and did not want her anyway. Amy left soon after and bounced around the country, when her mother’s husband got too close and no one wanted to believe her. After many years Amy has found a place in Lucky Harbor with a job, friends and harmony.

Matt Bowers has lived in Lucky Harbor for several years moving here after problems in Chicago working as a SWAT team member caused him to not trust himself anymore. He was also in the military and is currently the supervising park ranger working in the mountains surrounding Lucky Harbor. Matt eats everyday at the Eat Me Café where Amy works and they have been watching each other ever since Amy came to town.

As Amy reads her grandmother’s journal and travels the same path as she did, Amy’s thoughts about her grandmother change as well as how she feels about herself. While searching and several phone calls, Amy reconnects with her mother, who now seems to want a relationship after all these years. Amy also finds a troubled sole that she feels she can help when she meets Riley Taylor an eighteen year old who is hiding out trying to survive much like Amy did years ago.

This is a funny and touching story with great new characters and those we welcome back from previous books as we gain more insight into their world. As Amy and Matt grow closer she starts to find herself and therefore helps Matt deal with past issues that made him feel less than adequate about himself and his work. A compelling story about what life can throw at you and how you deal with them to grow.

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