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 Somebody Like You (Sugar Shack, #3)Somebody Like You by Candis Terry
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This is the third book in the wonderful Sugar Shack series by Candis Terry, an Idaho author who is finishing up this series and recently signed a new deal with Avon for another series that will also come out in paperback.

Kelly Silverthorne has come home to heal. The murder trial she had put her heart and soul in came back with a not guilty verdict and it has hit her hard. This was the first trial she has ever lost and the fact that she knows the man is guilty is even worse. So she is sitting in her family's bake shop questioning her future. She has a few weeks before another trial begins and since her brother is getting married to Emma, it is a good excuse to visit, stay awhile and make some decisions.

Kate, her little sister is running the Sugar Shack with their father. Kate's new husband, Matt is the sheriff of Deer Lick, Montana and his best friend James Harley is the deputy, James also happens to be the one night stand Kelly had during her sister's wedding reception at Christmas time. Kelly rarely drinks, always being Sister Serious, however, she let loose for the wedding and they shared an exciting night together, and then she left. She knows she would see James again, she just did not know it would be on the first day she is back in town.

Kelly is driving her mother's old car while in town; little does she know that both her sister and brother experienced the same strange occurrence with their recently deceased mother whenever Tom Jones starts singing on the radio. Kelly never had a great relationship with her mom; she was the one that did everything right and therefore felt invisible. Her mother did not realize she treated the children differently and so, as with her brother and sister, seems to want to make amends with Kelly and tell her she was loved. Her mother just communicates is an unconventional way.

James has his own problems to handle, several years ago his mother suffered a stroke and therefore he inherited two Yorkshire terriers (Poppy and Princess) and has been raising his brother (Alex) who is a teenager that seems to be finding trouble. James was a troubled kid and knows what his brother is heading for, if not for a life changing event that almost killed him and a sheriff who took him under his wing, James would not have survived his younger years.

Kelly and James bump into each other several times, and although neither seems to be looking for a relationship, they appear to be having one. At one time, James tells her she needs to find her hidden talent, something that makes her and others smile. She meets Twinkie (a clown) at the hospital and as they talk about what clowns can do for others Kelly begins to think that she might have just found it. Sprinkles is born as her alter ego.

As the story unfolds, the road to a happy ending has some rough patches; Kelly and James have several obstacles to overcome. Kelly faces a decision about her future and how she feels about herself and her mother and James needs to deal with his brother Alex. It is a wonderful story about family, love and finding your hidden talents to make you and others smile. I love seeing characters from the first two books; the interaction is fun and entertaining. You do not have to read the first two books to jump in to this book; however they are great stories to read.

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