Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cowboy CrazyCowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy
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An engaging story about finding out who you are by looking at where you came from.

Sarah Landon hated where she came from and always thought that the grass would be greener on the other side. She left Two Shot, Wyoming to go to an Ivy League school and bury her past. She ends up working for Carrigan Oil Company in Wyoming, not far from her home town and even though she is close to home, she does not let anyone know she where she came from.

Sarah’s life growing up had several hardships. She lived with her mother and sister in poverty and when her mother married, they found happiness for a short while. Then an accident took her stepfather’s life and changed everything. Sarah had to sell the horse and quit barrel racing, her mother had a hard time coping therefore started drinking and eventually died too young and her sister seems to be falling into the same poverty rut the family has never been able to shake.

Lane Carrigan is from a wealthy family and spent his early years at boarding schools and hated every minute of it. His most cherished memories were spent on the family ranch during the summers. Never really settling down, he becomes a bull rider with the rodeo and just wants to be a simple cowboy. He recently was given the responsibility of running the family ranch while his brother runs the oil company. Carrigan Oil still owns the land and the mineral rights but Lane owns the buildings and runs the ranch.

Lane and Sarah meet when he is visiting his brother and she is working. They seem to be on opposite sides as Lane’s brother wants to drill on the land. Lane does not want the drilling operation to ruin the small town of Two Shot and Sarah as the publicist needs to convince the town that this is good for everyone.

Sarah needs to deal with going home again and the nightmares she left behind, she does not realize the destruction she is doing to herself as well as her sister while being negative about their past and trying to find blame when there really is no blame, life sometimes just happens without it being anyone’s fault. Lane has to realize that if you work things out in the beginning you can let progress happen and it will not destroy the small town life – it might enhance it.

As they work through their own problems they realize that they might just be fighting for the same thing and falling in love along the way. A wonderful book about how the past can form the present, but that you can still change. I will be reading more Joanne Kennedy books in the future.

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