Friday, May 11, 2012

A Little Harmless FascinationA Little Harmless Fascination by Melissa Schroeder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Little Harmless Fascination is wonderful addition to this great series.

Conner Dillon and Jillian Sawyer have known each other for several years. Jillian's best friend Maura is Conner's sister and they were roommates in college. All Maura's friends had little crushes on Conner, including Jillian, they use to talk about what it would be like to be with him.

Conner had a recent medical scare because of his workaholic ways while expanding his security business. His sister Maura is demanding he take a rest and contacts Jillian. Since Jillian lives in Hawaii and has an extra room available for rent, he heads over for a month of relaxation.

Jillian is a successful writer of erotic books and enjoys living in a place that she can be away from her family obligations and she can be herself. She is a little eccentric and enjoys living the unconventional life in Hawaii. Conner on the other hand is very rigid and is use to a schedule for everything so has a difficult time of relaxing. Conner's sister is worried about him and although she will not communicate with him about the business she keeps in touch with Jillian to check on him. She wants him to enjoy and relax so she makes sure when Jillian has time that she shows him around the island.

Because Jillian loves living here so much she shows Conner the real Hawaii so he can get a real feel for the island and not the tourist feel. As they spend time together Conner realizes his feeling for Jillian are changing. This especially becomes evident when they see each other at the Rough n Ready, she is doing research for a book and he meets up with a former colleague, Conner realizes he is a little jealous. Not sure what to do about it, he stays silent. Jillian knows he is a Dom and also starts to become interested in him, she thinks she would enjoy giving up some control in her life.

Jillian has some family issues that need to be dealt with and these bring her down at times however most of the time they have fun. Conner just starts to relax and enjoy himself with Jillian when her life is threatened. So with the help of several friends and previous characters from the Harmless series who have various talents in tracking down information, they set out to find out what is going on.
The story is fast pace and interesting to the end while Conner and Jillian try to find out who is threatening her and why.

The characters are believable and convincing and I enjoyed seeing others from previous Harmless stories. The chemistry between Conner and Jillian is amazing and sizzles. I love that they both learn things about themselves and grow as people. I am looking forward to more in this great series from Melissa Schroeder.

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