Monday, May 7, 2012

Hunter's Prey (Bloodhounds, #2)Hunter's Prey by Moira Rogers
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This is a great series set in a dark world that could be past or present. The world building in the first book is intriguing and continues with this second book. This Bloodhound book is about Hunter, a recently rescued bloodhound and Ophelia who is managing the house they live in after leaving her prior profession.

Ophelia has been given the position of managing the bloodhound house to help Satira while she is working in the lab with Nathaniel. Nathaniel was recently rescued from vampires and is in hiding, not sure what the Guild will think if they find he is alive and has been changed. While rescuing Nathaniel they also find Hunter who was turned against his will and then tortured by the vampires and kept in a cage. Nathaniel needs him to survive so he is living with the bloodhounds in Iron Creek, a little untamed.

Since Hunter was not turned by choice, he did not receive the training most bloodhounds do for handling the new and full moons. And even though Hunter finds he is attracted to Ophelia he is unsure of his strength and does not want to hurt her, so she makes arrangements for him to spend his first free new moon with women who can handle him at the house where Ophelia used to work as a prostitute. Things often do not go as planned and this is no exception, the fact that Hunter locks himself in the bathroom and will not come out has them calling Ophelia to help, she seems to be the only one to get through to him. This leaves them spending the new moon together – very nice!

The book is a wonderful story about two people finding their way after their own world is shaken up. The chemistry that comes across on the page is convincing and believable and when they find they respond well together, it is fun to watch. The story progresses with conflicts the bloodhounds must deal with that involve drugs, vampires and some corruption in the town. Nathaniel’s story continues with how the Guild will deal with him now that people are finding out that he may not be dead. All in all a great story and I am looking forward to the next book.

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