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Lucky in Love (Lucky Harbor, #4)Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis
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This is the fourth in the Lucky Harbor series, a great addition to a wonderful series.

Ty Garrison is in hiding. Not from anyone in particular but basically from life. He is recuperating from reinjuring his leg and he cannot go back to work until a doctor signs off. Ty feels that he lost everything several years ago in a plane crash when everyone died but him. He was a medic while with the Navy SEALS and could not save his friends, so has stayed to himself since, not making new friends or putting down roots anywhere. He needed a place to recuperate and a colleague from basic training, Matt, found him a place to stay in Lucky Harbor until the local doctor (Josh) signs off and clears Ty to work again. Ty is still in special ops but is now working for a private contractor to the government, it can be just as physically demanding and dangerous as before therefore the doctor wants him totally healed before agreeing he can go back.

Mallory has grown up in Lucky Harbor and has always been the good girl that takes care of everyone. Including her family, the neighbors and anyone else that comes along. When Mallory was sixteen, her older sister Karen took an overdose of pills on purpose and Mallory has blamed herself ever since. Mallory was the last one to see her and feels she should have known Karen was saying goodbye when she gave her a necklace and told her to be the good one in the family.

During a vicious thunderstorm fate takes hold of both Mallory and Ty and changes their lives forever. Mallory was at the Eat Me Cafe to pick up a birthday cake for her brother and decided to wait out the storm. The only other two people inside the Cafe are Amy a waitress who has not lived in town long, just waiting to decide what to do next and a new women with blond hair that Mallory had not met yet. Turns out her name is Grace and she was just stopping by on her way to find work after a job offer in Seattle turned ugly, she had a coupon for the B&B in Lucky Harbor so here she is. While sitting in the cafe talking, several trees crash into the windows and the three huddle behind the counter to fend off the snow and wind now blowing into the cafe. While deciding what to do about their current situation, they hear a moan outside, Mallory being the person she is goes to find out who is in trouble . So the three end up helping Ty by getting him warm in Mallory's car and calling the paramedics. While sitting and waiting in the car, Amy tells Ty he owes Mallory a date and the upcoming benefit auction was a great way to pay her back for saving his life.

The town of Lucky Harbor is full of characters that all small towns should have, funny, interfering and full of warmth. A Lucky Harbor Facebook page gets updated with the latest gossip and is hilarious, the fact that the town knows that Mallory has a date with Mysterious Cute Guy ( Facebook has been updated with sightings of him for the last 6 months)is so much fun. So when Ty shows up at the auction unaware he was supposed to be Mallory's date (because he was out of it and does not remember) he surprises her by going along with the ruse therefore not embarrassing her. They share an extremely hot few hours together with Mallory promising she is OK with just one night and that he is her "walk on the wild side". This suits Ty perfectly as he does not want any commitment, as soon as his leg heals he is out of Lucky Harbor and back to work.

This series is so good. I love the town and the characters. The story is a wonderful journey for both Ty and Mallory as they both learn that their rolls in life can change and grow still keeping their real selves.

I love the interaction with Facebook, the updates are classic. The story is wonderful and I laughed and cried while following Ty and Mallory on their discovery. We do not see much of the main characters from the first three books, these next three stories are intertwined with Mallory, Amy and Grace. I can't wait for more.

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