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Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #3)Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione
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Lethal Rider is the third book in the Lords of Deliverance series, a wonderful and exciting series about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. After the thrilling conclusion of Immortal Rider book we find Thanatos who has been paralyzed for eight months and Regan in hiding and about ready to give birth to a child that can either start or stop the Apocalypse.

Thanatos is being held against his will, he knows someone comes in to change the feeding tube and turn the TV on and he knows that Limos and Ares said it would only be a few more weeks and they will release him. What he does not know is why and he is getting angrier by the minute. When his sister and brother leave him, Thanatos realizes that he can move his fingers and toes, and he is not waiting around for anyone to inject him with another round of Hellhound saliva. Using all his willpower he gets up and is immediately drawn to both death and danger, he visits death first in Australia and realizes his brother Reseph/Pestilence is causing havoc all around the world. He then follows his danger feeling as it takes him to Regan, not knowing why he is being pulled toward her until he finds out about his child and that he needs to save and protect them both.

Regan is feeling very guilty and regrets her actions of forcing Thanatos. She gains comfort from the parchment of a tiny book penned by an angel. As she is waits for her baby to be born, thinking she is safe, vampires enter the compound to both kidnap and kill her, which is when Thanatos arrives and takes her back to his place to keep her safe with him until the child is born.

The world is in a panic as the Horseman’s brother Reseph/Pestilence is gaining power and causing destruction everywhere. The Horsemen are split when it comes to killing Reseph/Pestilence, Thanatos believes they can repair his Seal however others do not and want to kill him. As they wait for the baby, Regan and Thanatos spend time together, she rearranges his home as her OCD goes into overdrive, he finds himself dealing with both the Daywalker and Nightwalker vampires he surrounds himself with. He has brought all the Daywalker vampires of the world to live and work for him and there seems to be some traitors in the house.

As Thanatos and Regan fight danger from his vampires and the ever emerging Pestilence, other things are happening around the world that are affecting the turn of events. The angel’s Reaver, Harvester and Gethel have several conflicts, a connection between Thanatos and all vampires comes to light and the Aegis seem to be taking sides leaving those with close ties feeling helpless to stop the split.

The ride to the finish of this book is thrilling and full of twist and turns you will not expect. This is a wonderful book and the story leads well into the last book as we wait to see what will happen with Reaver, Harvester, Reseph/Pestilence and all those that visit again from the Demonica series that have a part in the continued story in this world.
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