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For Love and HonorFor Love and Honor by Cathy Maxwell, Lynne Hinton, Candis Terry
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This book is a collection of three stories about military men and those that love them. Cathy Maxwell writes about an English captain fighting in Regency England and the woman that captures his heart while transporting her back to England. Lynne Hinton's story takes place in Pie Town, the small town that is featured in her Pie Town series. A hometown boy is in a hospital in Germany recovering from injuries and the town that supports him. And Candis Terry’s story about a solder coming home for good and those that will not let him forget how much he is loved.

The Bookish Miss Nelson by Cathy Maxwell

Captain William Duroy is commanded to escort Miss Pippa Nelson to Lisbon and then back to England. She usually follows her father wherever he goes acting as his hostess, however he recently left her at Wellington's headquarters as he went on a mission without instructions as to how long or what to do with her. So the general is making a decision, he does not want her there anymore and is punishing the captain by making him escort her.

Pippa is a headstrong young woman and has been following her father around for years, therefore does not like being pushed around. She is unhappy with the situation and let's everyone know how she feels. While traveling, Pippa makes a decision that puts her and William in danger. While trying to get back to safety, they end up doing something heroic and then fall in love. A smart, fun story of finding love in the most unusual places.

Letters from Pie Town by Lynne Hinton

Raymond Twinhorse is a lifelong citizen of Pie Town who was recently injured and is now in a hospital in Germany. The town sends out an announcement saying they want to mail a get well parcel to him and ask if everyone would write a letter to Raymond to say how much he is loved. His girlfriend Trina is in charge of the project.

The letters are so heartwarming, full of love and humor as citizens of Pie Town write about what is going on in the small town and how much Raymond means to them. This story let's those fans of Lynne's series Pie Town, revisit some great characters.

Home Sweet Home by Candis Terry

Candis has dedicated this story to the men and women of the Idaho Army National Guard at Gowen Field and Mountain Home Air Force Base. As my son is a member of the Army National Guard this is a wonderful tribute.

Aiden Marshall has come home for good. He left with two other friends (Billy Marks and Bobby Hansen) several years ago to become Rangers, however he is the only one coming home and is having trouble dealing with the loss and deciding what he wants to do. Paige Walker, a hometown girl that works at the diner and has recently purchased her aunt's place with plans for the future is waiting for him, as Aiden is the person she has in mind to share that future with.

As soon as Aiden walks into the diner, Paige is ecstatic, however she realizes he has changed, he has lost his smile. Aiden is unsure of what he wants to do, but he feels he is not good enough for Paige and has come home to tell her goodbye. After a heartfelt conversation in which he tells her all about his life in the service, she finds out about his dog Rennie that he had to leave behind. As Aiden hides out at the family ranch helping his brother and avoiding Paige, she decides that she wants to show him how much the town loves him and how much she wants to fight for him. In a small town, it does not take much for news to travel as she asks for donations to help bring Rennie home. This is a moving story about a woman who does not give up and the love she has for Aiden that helps him heal.

All three stories were wonderful moving tributes to those that are serving and have served in the service to protect our freedom. The love they all receive from friends and family is warm and genuine.

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