Friday, May 18, 2012

About Last Night: A Loveswept Contemporary RomanceAbout Last Night: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance by Ruthie Knox
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Cath Talarico is working on a new and improved Cath. It has been two years and so far she is doing a good job of living her life without mistakes. Living in London working at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V and A) she is involved with a hand knitting exhibit coming up. She has been trying to get a knitted straight jacket from a colleague, Amanda, without much luck, thinking it would be an interesting addition to the show. Cath has been taking the same train for some time and has been watching the habits of the regulars. She can predict with good accuracy who will come up the stairs and what they will be doing, she even has named several of them. There is Pidgeon Man, Emo boy, Bus purse and City to name a few. While trying to get Amanda to loan her the garment, Cath decides to try some manipulation and bets Amanda on the arrival of some of the characters around the train station, she is hoping the regulars are truly regular today. As she successfully names those that walk up the stairway Cath thinks she has won, however, Amanda wants a favor out of Cath before she agrees. She wants Cath to go on a blind date with her boyfriend's cousin.

As the date progresses to beyond boring she tries to feel better and has too many wines. To top it off her "date" buys one more drink called a K-12 that sends her over the edge. The next morning she wakes up in a strange room by herself and berates herself over and over for breaking her rules of New Cath, one that does not have drunk nights and memory losses. She pieces the evening together and finally remembers coming across City at the train station and realizes she must be in City's flat. She is relived to say the least because of all the times she has watched City at the train station she knows he is a good person.

Nev (City) is everything Cath thinks he is, a banker who went to good schools and comes from a wealthy family. What she does not know that that he is an artist at heart and hates living this life with his perfect brother who looks down on him and his interfering mother. Cath and Nev embark on a unusual relationship, one of no questions and no promises. This works for Cath who does not want any commitments and harbors many secrets and mistakes she wears as reminders on her body.

I loved this book, the characters were fun and believable and I got the chemistry between Cath and Nev right away. City (Nev) is a wonderful hero to Cath as they struggle to find their place in the world. They both know that they are perfect for each other but must get over the past and move forward and trust each other. It was an emotional ride all the way to the end and I cried and laughed until the conclusion.

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