Thursday, May 3, 2012

Black Howl

Black Howl (Madeline Black, #3)Black Howl by Christina Henry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Black Wings Series.

Maddy Black is back at home after dealing with death and destruction from the last book (Black Night). She is going about her business guiding souls and taking care of the entourage that lives in her house. At her guiding job, she notices that there are several confused ghosts around town, those that are not on a list and should not be dead. Also on her agenda is the fact that Maddy’s relationship with Gabriel is more complicated than ever, as he has been named a Thrall and she has been given control. She wants to treat him as usual, like an equal, but he wants no part of this and only when she is in danger does he revert back to treating her like he is guarding her.

When the wolves are attacked, Wade (alpha male) and several cubs are stolen, Maddy is asked to help find them. She sets out with her trusted gang (Beezle, Gabriel, Samiel and JB) to see if they can find the trail. Even Nathaniel shows up begrudgingly to help with the hunt. They find a portal that seems to hold some promise and end up in a cave with demons as guards. The group ends up finding the cubs in a large lab room just staring at cameras, as they disengage the kids they realize that they seem damaged and unable to help themselves. They escape with the young screaming kids only to realize that they cannot find Wade and must leave without him.

With the cubs back safely in the pack, the problem of healing them and finding Wade are still at the top of Maddy’s list. However, many things stand in her way. She is confronted with saving Samiel from being tried for the crimes in the past, Nathaniel is still pestering her to marry him (even after Lucifer makes some decisions for Maddy and Gabriel) and the Faerie Queen is causing problems.

This is a roller coaster of a ride. I really enjoyed this book and it might be my favorite of the three. It was so emotional and I loved the fact that the characters are settling into their “roles”. I laughed at Beezle and his antics and I cried during the difficult times. I enjoyed seeing the wolves, as they are so full of life and I love the way they cared for each other. This is a great read and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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