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About That Night (FBI / US Attorney, #3)About That Night by Julie James
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In About That Night, Rylann Pierce is a new assistant U.S. attorney who has recently moved back to Colorado after a breakup with her fiancĂ©. Her first task is a simple “agreed motion” on the release of a prisoner; since it was a case that all parties were in agreement on, Rylann was just going to sit in for another attorney who was busy. She receives the file from Cameron (newly appointed U.S. attorney in charge) and almost falls over as she reads the title: United States v. Kyle Rhodes. Rylann is not sure if she should say anything to Cameron or just let it go, nine years ago she met Kyle Rhodes in a bar and he walked her home. They felt an instant attraction toward each other and if there had not been a tragedy in Kyle’s life the next day they may have experienced much more than one amazing kiss. Rylann decides she will be professional and represent the U.S. attorney’s office without saying anything.

Kyle Rhodes is the son of a billionaire and brother of Jordan who is dating an FBI agent. He is a computer genius and one year ago he did a very stupid thing because of a woman, he shut down the social media website Twitter for two days therefore causing worldwide panic. The U.S. attorney’s office prosecuted him to the fullest, calling him a terrorist as they and the FBI wanted to prove that they would not show favoritism to someone just because he was from a wealthy family. He pleaded guilty (because he wanted to own up to his mistake) and was sent to jail for 18 months. He was recently granted a released when his sister Jordan made a deal with the US attorney’s office. At the hearing he immediately recognizes Rylann as the young law student he met years ago.

Rylann keeps her distance from Kyle even after the court date until the U. S. attorney’s office realizes that while in prison Kyle overheard a prison guard plotting murder. So the attorney’s office contacts Kyle to see if he would be their witness. This throws Rylann and Kyle together, and as they work through the case, they realize that the chemistry between them has not diminished in the nine years since they met.

This story was very good, although it did not have as much suspense as the first two books in the series; I kept expecting something more to happen. It was as if this story just finished up the total story arc that started in the first book. You do not have to read the first two books since About That Night will catch you up to date, however all are great books and you get to see how the characters grow with each book. The writing was well done, the chemistry between Rylann and Kyle is believable, and they are very likable people as they tried to stay away from each other during the investigation. Even when Kyle was no longer a witness, Rylann backs off because of the way it may look to others. However in the end she finally tells all that she is falling in love with the Twitter Terrorist.

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