Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black Heart Loa

Black Heart Loa (Hoodoo, #2)Black Heart Loa by Adrian Phoenix

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great Book!!

Black Heart Loa begins immediately after Black Dust Mambo ends and it starts with a bang.

Kallie is at her aunt Divinity’s place in the bayou with her best friend and the women Divinity stole the identity from (Gabrielle), when the action begins and it does not stop until the end.

Kallie is still looking for her cousin Jackson who has been missing since the first book and two men (Cash and Kerry - love those names) come bursting into the house to find things they believe Jackson stole. Kallie and the gals disarm the two thugs just as magic begins to fail and spells backfire around the area. Not wanting to waste more time, Kallie and Belladonna take off to find Jackson who may be buried alive.

There are several stories that come together during this wonderful book. What is going on with Jackson and who is helping him, what has happened to the nomad Layne and who is the extra being inhabiting him other than Augustine and what about Kallie, is she the reason for magic failing and the deadly hurricane heading straight for the coast?

It all comes together after a thrilling ride. I am looking forward to other adventures with Kallie and her friends - including a new friend that may have left his mark.

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