Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Fourth of July has always been a fun summer holiday filled with friends and family. This year is it a little different for me. My son is over in Iraq helping preserve the freedom we enjoy every day. I feel both worry and pride that he decided to do this.

All his life I knew that he wanted to do this. He talked about it from the time he started playing as a kid. While his dad and I tried to steer him in other directions (college after school - come ON!) he was set on joining some type of military. We wanted to be very supportive and when he decided on the National Guard (Army) we were happy for him. He has been over in Iraq for a year and will return in September - he has celebrated many holidays over there, Christmas, Memorial Day he will even celebrate his 21st birthday there (in 4 days) - no drinking - LOL...however I think on the fact that he is there on this celebrated day and hope we all think about our sons and daughters protecting our wonderful country.

Happy 4th everyone!!

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