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Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed

Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed (Sons of Sin, #1)Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed by Anna Campbell
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Sidonie Forsythe is a young woman who is desperate to help her sister Roberta get out of a bad situation with Jonas Merrick, a bastard son of a Viscount. Roberta has some large gambling debts and does not want her abusive husband to find out and Jonas has given Roberta a way out. She is scared and a little immature to face her problems so goes to her sister for help. After eight years of marriage Roberta has changed into someone Sidonie does not like however Roberta is still her sister and she would do anything to protect her.

Roberta is the Viscountess Hillbrook and is married to William who is the cousin of Jonas. William gained his title when it was revealed that Jonas’ father and mother were not married. The hatred between Jonas and William is mutual and has a long history, including a time when they were in school and William attacked Jonas and ruining his face before anyone could intervene. When Jonas’ father passed away, he could not give his son the title however he could give his son the wealth, so even though Jonas is considered a bastard, he is very rich while William has not managed the small amount of money he inherited and is almost broke.

Sidonie has been living at Barstow Hall with Roberta and William however in a few months she will be able to go off on her own when she receives her small inheritance. Sidonie decides to take Roberta’s place and goes to Castle Craven to meet with Jonas, who is more than surprised to see the spinster sister.

After the first night, Jonas finds he does not want a martyr in his bed and wants Sidonie to come to him willingly, so they make a bargain, in return for her presence at Castle Craven for seven days, he will consider Roberta's debts paid. Over the next week, they grow to care for each other and while on a visit to William and Roberta’s a sudden turn of events changes everything.

I really enjoyed this novel; a story about one person sacrificing for someone they love and another person finding how to forgive through years of heartache. Although in the beginning it took awhile for Jonas and Sidonie to grow on me because their connection seems rushed, however as the story progresses their feelings become more real and it broke my heart when Jonas felt betrayed and turned away from Sidonie, I truly knew the depths of their feelings for each other as they found their way back toward love.

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