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Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, #1)Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks
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The Highlands are all about clans, feuds and loyalties and the King is worried that some of his valued supporters, the Montgomery’s and the Armstrong’s are at war, which can hurt him in the long run. In his infinite wisdom the king thinks he has found the perfect solution, a marriage in an effort to halt the feud between the two clans. Although there is disbelief amongst the clans, they will both go through with the arrangement because to do otherwise would be to sign their death warrant.

Graeme Montgomery, the clan chief is worried, it is said that Eveline is still a young girl and it is thought that she isn't right, that she is touched. Graeme would not want to hurt or scare the simple girl so she could never be a proper wife to him. Therefore this marriage would prevent him from having children to carry on the clan’s legacy; and although he does not like the idea, this responsibility will have to go to his brothers Bowen or Teague.

Eveline has not spoken a word in three years, ever since she fell from a horse and woke up several days later. At the time, she was betrothed to another man named Ian McHugh who is the son of a powerful clan leader that the Armstrong’s wanted an alliance with. The wedding had been called off after the accident when it was found that Eveline was not talking and did not seem right in the head.

Eveline is keeping a secret from everyone, she is so afraid of Ian that she is lying to all about what is wrong with her. During her betrothal, Eveline found that Ian was an evil man who enjoyed telling her in great detail of what would happen to her after their wedding, her life with Ian would have been a nightmare and although her parents love her and want nothing but happiness for her, they believed her fears were just normal fears before the wedding to someone she did not know well.

Eveline did suffer from her accident; she has been unable to hear anything and has been unsure of her voice, however she has developed the ability to read lips and is able to follow most conversations. She knows what others say about her, yet with the threat of Ian still around, she is keeping quiet.

She finds out about the marriage with Graeme and at first is shocked that the king would try to unite her clan with their sworn enemy however when the wedding party arrives and she first meets Graeme, she knows immediately that he is the man for her and she is all the sudden smiling. Graeme is taken back by her smile and is amazed that she is a very beautiful woman, not a girl at all. After the wedding, they head back to the Montgomery land where Eveline is introduced to very hostile clan members who do not welcome her and make her life miserable. She is very grateful for Rorie, Graeme’s sister as they form a friendship and bond which helps Eveline deal with several situations.

What a great story teller Maya Banks is, she blends wonderful tales with great romance. The characters are likeable and you enjoy getting to know them, the chemistry between Eveline and Graeme is electric and you see how close they become as the story progresses. The danger that finds both Graeme and Eveline on several occasions is exciting and gripping. They grow to love each other with trust and affection and are pleased when the clan begins to realize that although Eveline was born an Armstrong, she is quickly becoming a Montgomery in every aspect.

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