Thursday, April 21, 2011

Angel's Rest (Eternity Springs, #1)Angel's Rest by Emily March

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Emily March has created a wonderful series and this first book is a great start. I loved this book and half way through while shopping at a store I picked up the next book in the series (Hummingbird Lake).

This book is the first book of An Eternity Springs Novel series which follows the residents of a small Colorado tourist town that seems to be dieing. We follow Nic who is the town Vet and who has lived there since she was 9 with her mom and aunt. She carries pain from being an illegitimate child whose father abandoned her and her mother and a women whose ex-husband cheated on her. She has a wonderful base of friends and enjoys her life although would someday like to find her true love. We are also introduced to Gabe a deeply scarred man (both inside and out) that is on the verge of self destruction. They find themselves running into each other as the town tries to re-invent itself to survive.

The story is an emotional ride that takes you from highs and lows,I laughed and cried through the pages. The characters in the town are to love and I am looking forward to meeting them again in the next two stories. The mysterious Celeste is a wonder and to see how she works her magic into the lives of the residents is fun.

Overall this was a great book that I had a hard time putting down - but of course I had to sleep and work.

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