Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rev It Up

Rev It Up (Black Knights, Inc., #3)Rev It Up by Julie Ann Walker
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Jacob Sommers aka Jake “The Snake” has been friends with Frank Knight for several years, he was with him when they dreamed up the special ops group called The Black Knights. However Jake was deployed when Frank started the business and for several reasons Jake has not been back to see the results. Four years ago Jake was in love with Michelle (Shell), Frank’s sister, but when his inner demons surfaced he pushed her away and into the arms of his good friend Preacher.

Preacher and Jake were deployed together when they were overtaken by rebels, Preacher died in Jake’s arms and his last words were to take care of Shell and her unborn child. Jake came back for Preacher’s funeral however still kept his distance from Shell. Again she felt abandoned by Jake as he was soon off on another mission before she had time to think. She finally sent him a letter telling him that all his friends missed him and asked him to come back home.

Jake had already decided he was coming home when he received the letter from Shell, he realized that not only was ready to come home but he was also ready to fight for Shell. All he needed was to convince her that he was no longer that same person that pushed her away. Jake will have to do some strong talking to persuade Shell he has changed as she has her son Franklin to think about.

In the meantime a Las Vegas mobster named Johnny Vitigloni has put a price on the Black Knight’s heads in retribution for killing his brother in a previous raid near their compound. Johnny knows that the Black Knights are well protected so he decides to go after family members and Shell is on the top of the list.

I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling book that keeps you turning the pages until the end as you need to see what happens. The story is gripping and full of angst as Jake and Shell try to come to terms with the feelings they have today and four years ago. They both have pasts that have prevented them from truly opening up and just as they start talking, another piece of the past comes up that may keep them apart as Jake’s trust is damaged. As they try to work through their problems, the threats against Shell and the Black Knights escalate and they lean on each other and their friends to keep them safe.

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