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Boomerang Bride

Boomerang BrideBoomerang Bride by Fiona Lowe
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Marc Olsen is back in Hobin, Wisconsin for his annual Thanksgiving visit with his sisters and mother. He left Hobin as soon as he did not need to be responsible for his siblings. His father died early and his mother needed help with his sisters therefore Marc grew up well before his time. He is a successful architect in New York and helps his family with money if needed. As he arrives on Main Street, he notices a young woman dressed in a wedding gown staring at an empty building holding a cake, something you may see in New York, but definitely not here in Hobin.

Matilda Geoffrey has traveled half way around the world to surprise her fiancé. Thinking it would be funny to show up in her wedding gown, she drives to his address where she finds an empty storefront and not much else. As she ponders what to do, a man walks up to help her find her way to the church not realizing the wedding is a month away. As they consider the possibilities of the missing groom, Matilda convinces Marc and the townspeople that she has it all figured out and drives away. In reality, she has lost everything and does not have enough money to make it home, so she needs a plan.

Marc drives to his sister’s house and immediately realizes that something is very wrong, the house is a mess and nothing looks ready for a Thanksgiving party that Lori usually throws each year. She confesses that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is scheduled for surgery in the morning. Marc is the only person besides her son, Kyle she has told and she makes Marc swear not to tell anyone, and then she asks him the one thing he does not want to do, help her after surgery until she is well enough to take care of herself.

Marc and Matilda meet again after she spends the night in her car, realizing they could both benefit from helping each other they make a business arrangement. Matilda needs to make some money to get back to Australia and Marc needs help with is sister and her son.

I loved this story, a stranded bride from Australia, a man who does not want commitment even from his family get together to solve several needs in their small community. Matilda finds she loves the feel of belonging, something she has never had and feels the close knit community welcome her with open arms. Marc wants to leave town as soon as possible, however still feels the responsibly and guilt of trying to help his family. The chemistry between Marc and Matilda is wonderful and their relationship believable as they struggle to find what each wants out of life, at first very different yet in reality they both want the same thing, love to include family and friends. There are several laugh out loud moments as Matilda’s Australian humor comes out as well as several tears shed at the touching moments that come when family and friends cope with many issues. The secondary characters are just as fun and the romance between Lori and the small town cop, Brian just added to the main story.

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