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Margot's Lawman

Margot's Lawman (Sisters of McDougal Ranch, #3)Margot's Lawman by Debra Kayn

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This is a great series. Margot’s Lawman is the third in the series about the McDougal sisters in small town Montana.

Margot is the area veterinarian and has lived here her whole life, only leaving to go to school. She loves the area but knows what happens with gossip around a small town so chooses to keeps some things in her life private. Roy Lee Harding also has lived here his whole life and his family farm bordered the McDougal's farm, and he would often run around with the sisters while growing up. Roy Lee and Margot share a huge secret, they have been dating for a year and although he wants to tell the world, Margot does not.

Margot is still dealing with the death of her father and feels guilty that she never told him she was in love with Roy Lee. It was her father’s wish to have all his daughters ready to move on with their lives and settle down with the right man before he died. Margot and Roy Lee did end up telling their sisters but they have agreed to keep the secret for awhile.

Keeping everyone else in the dark about their relationship had not been a problem before Margot hired a new veterinarian assistant to help her growing business. Ryan is from the city and having a hard time fitting in and the fact that Roy Lee does not trust him does not help. Roy Lee believes Ryan wants to date Margot and that he is hiding something that is threatening to the town.

Margot finds out about Ryan’s secret about the time she and Roy Lee decide to share their news with the town, she is afraid of how Roy Lee will handle the news so she respects Ryan’s wishes to keep quiet. What she does not realize is the damage it may do to her relationship with Roy Lee.

Margot’s Lawman is a wonderful romance full of humor and tears; I love the family and small town interaction. The chemistry between Roy Lee and Margot is believable and I enjoyed watching their relationship grow even with some bumps along the way.

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