Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vacation? Really?

So I am off work this week. Not that I want to be or that I would have picked this week but here I am...looking at at week off work.
It's called a Furlough - time off work without pay. Love the time off - hate the without pay. I get it, we are in horrible economic times and I am all for doing my part to help keep my job but sheesh, this is the third in three years. I am beginning to think about my vacation days with these 5 days included. I may miss them if we ever have a year without them.
I have so far been very productive in the first two days. Two closets cleaned and two golf lessons. #WIN.
I plan to shop tomorrow (not spend much) and maybe tackle another closet. Hmmmm. I do have another golf lesson on Thursday and hair appointment on Friday. Wait, I am in the negative now with all this spending and no money.
Well, I will enjoy my week off because I will eventually get to go back to work for pay unlike so many other people in this world.
Have a great week.

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