Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Detail

The Last DetailThe Last Detail by Melissa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lou Campbell wants to go back to Earth and she has just one more job to do to get her wish. Lou is one of the best hunters out there and she has just received an assignment that will earn her enough credits to make her dream come true. The job involves finding and bringing in a man that has gained secrets from his employer, Zenich Industries and has been selling them for profit.
Lou lands on the planet Arcadia to search for Sam Dawson. Arcadia is a planet full of vices that are not allowed on other planets, the cities look like Earth cities from the 20th century with gettos and smog and corruption. She finds her target at a seedy bar sitting with a couple of gals that look to be ladies of the evening. As soon as she walks over the gals leave and she strikes up a conversation pretending she has one thing on her mind. Dawson is drawn to Lou and leads her off to his rented room. Although Lou is attracted to Dawson, she has a job to do and soon gets him into a postion where she is able to handcuff him. He is outraged and when she explains what is up, he immediately says he is framed.
They take off to find a transport so she can bring him in when they see the bar they were in has just exploded and there is more security around the city than there should be. She starts to feel that something is very wrong with this job.
Jared Flores is Lou's boss and also has a past connection with Sam Dawson. He heads for Arcadia as soon as he finds out who Sam really is and now can't contact Lou. Jared has a safe house on the planet and he knows that Lou will hold up there if there has been any difficulty with the job.
Lou and Sam find trouble along the city streets and make there way to the safe house and where their mutual attraction heats up. Jared finds the two of them and realizes what has been going on and is furious. Jared has been in love with Lou for years and has been waiting for the right time, and how he might have lost his chance. However, Sam and Jared also have a history that eventually bring them all together.
Sam is desperate to find out who is framing him and while the three are sorting out their feelings for each other, he takes it on himself to find out sending him into dangerous territory that Jared and Lou follow. There is more than just solving the mystery for a future for the three of them.
I enjoyed this book, the story was thrilling and fast paced and the chemistry between all three was wonderful. Enjoyed the scenes with just Lou and Sam and when Jared joined in it was even hotter. Great story.

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