Friday, July 22, 2011

Ghost Soldiers

Ghost SoldiersGhost Soldiers by Keith Melton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great urban fantasy story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The second in the Nightfall Syndicate series.

The book starts off with a bang and never lets up. Karl is in Romania working for the Order of the Throne as an assassin. Lady Mackensie impressed upon him that he had to do this mission to protect those he loves. Helping him with the mission is a handler named Bailey Fletcher who works for the Order. The job is to find and kill Sorin Cojocan who is building an army of slave-paranormal beings. Cojocan uses strong magic and slave collars to control the beings and in turn the slaves feed him back energy for his magic. Romania is considered the badlands of the paranormal world so the Order hires Karl, as in their eyes he is expendable. Bailey and Karl find Cojocan by following a trail of death and try to kill him but he sends powerful magic toward them and Bailey takes the brunt of it. The Order is unwilling to save her since they believe Bailey disobeyed them, so she begs Karl to turn her before she dies. He does under duress because she gives him the information to contact Maria. When Bailey wakes up she finds she is an unusual vampire as she has a wolf familiar whom she names Smoke.

Meanwhile Maria has her hands full trying to head her father’s company since the war ended and her father was killed. There are those around her that do not want her in that position and try to take her out using ghost solders (Sicilian assassins). She confronts John Passerini and takes an unwanted position within the business to keep it in the family. Karl’s handler Xiesha stays near Maria to help keep her safe while Karl is gone.

Bailey and Karl make it back to Boston and meet up with Maria and Xiesha knowing that both Cojocan and the Order are following them. The books concludes with an epic battle in which we end up about where we started with Karl in trouble and the women who care about him planning to save his life.

This is a thrilling story from beginning to end about trust, love, loyalty and friendship. I am looking forward to the next book.

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