Monday, April 25, 2011

Delicious - Shayla Black

Delicious (Wicked Lovers, #3)Delicious by Shayla Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A wonderful addition to the Wicked Lovers series - loved this book.

Delicious is about Luc and Alyssa - we met both in previous Wicked Lover's books so it is nice to see their story unfold knowing a little bit of history.

Luc has the "perfect" illusion of a wife and mother in his dreams, he has been dating the type of women he believes he wants - all the while dreaming and desiring Alyssa. Alyssa also has been thinking of Luc and wants him in her life. They shared a hot and steamy night several months ago that they both remember a little differently. Luc believes he was too rough and lost control and Alyssa just believes he is the man for her.

Alyssa recruits Luc to help her open her new restaurant (he made a promise all those months ago to help), however he is reluctant to be around her for any amount of time - because of his feelings. They both have several secrets that they are unwilling to share which makes for a rough romantic ride however when Alyssa had threats made against her life they find ways to work together and find out that not all is what is seems and that a few twists and turns make for a great romantic story.

Great story - can't wait for more!!!

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